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Time to Love

“Our Western and Christian civilization is a giant failure because it transformed life into a call to spend, to consume and accumulate and what it’s wasting are hours of life upon this planet. We don’t have a youth crisis, what … Continue reading

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New Philodemus series at Society of Epicurus

The following are the first two in a series of reasonings based on the writings of 1st Century Epicurean philosopher Philodemus of Gadara, who taught philosophy in Rome and whose scrolls were kept in the Herculaneum and, in the year … Continue reading

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Happy 20th! is live

January 2014 saw the inaugural issue of the Society of Friends of Epicurus’ newsletter, titled Happy 20th.  SFE is the first contemporary attempt a Humanist missionary work of this kind and is dedicated to the teaching mission of the Epicurean Gardens. … Continue reading

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