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Happy 20th of April!

“Nothing can be created from nothing.” — Lucretius Epicureans are known for celebrating the 20th of the month feasting with friends.  Today I’m not feasting, in fact I’m quite mentally drained and tired from so much visual and intellectual activity. … Continue reading

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Unchallenged Premises

If the false premises of an influential philosopher are not challenged, generations of his followers–acting as the culture’s subconscious–milk them down to their ultimate consequences. – Ayn Rand The most curious thing happened while I was reading Ayn Rand: I … Continue reading

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In Memory of a Laughing Philosopher

Like thousands of his followers, I enjoyed the comedy of George Carlin, found myself challenged by his cynicism, and years later looked back and more than once had to say: “George Carlin was right when he said this or that!” What … Continue reading

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