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Zealot: How a Muslim Found Jesus and What He Did to Him When He Found Him

I recently finished reading Zealot, by Reza Aslan, of whom I learned after watching the hostile interview that a Christian facilitator from Fox News did of the author. I must, from the onset, admit that I do not have any … Continue reading

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Poverty: Secularism’s True Enemy

In recent weeks, there has been huge controversy surrounding issues of religiosity in the public sphere.  A recent judicial decision that vindicates public prayer as constitutional has greatly polarized the country.  There are political currents, particularly within the religious right, … Continue reading

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Naturalist Reasoning on Friendship

  And when they saw an offspring born From out themselves, then first the human race Began to soften. For ’twas now that fire Rendered their shivering frames less staunch to bear, Under the canopy of the sky, the cold; … Continue reading

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Ooohhh, Great Warrior … Wars not make one great. – Yoda

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