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The Sheeple Meme

(Cato) had a saying … that the Roman people were like sheep; for they, when single, do not obey, but when all together in a flock, they follow their leaders: ‘So you’, said he, ‘when you have got together in … Continue reading

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Blogroll Tag with the Author Collaborative Network

As a participant in ACN’s blogroll, I was tagged by author and blogger Gina Briganti, who asked me the following question: Hiram, will you share three books that inspired or influenced you to write your book on Epicurean philosophy? There are … Continue reading

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A Naturalist Evaluation of Equality: The Public Tables

Equality, in today’s Western discourse, is an over-used word that means different things to different people. Equal treatment before the law is almost invariably meant (the marriage equality debate), and oftentimes issues of economic justice and access to resources deemed … Continue reading

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Seek the Good!

It is irrational and poor-hearted not to seek good things for fear of losing them. – Acts 17:12, the The Good Book: A Humanist Bible    

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Intactness as Naturalist Puritanism

  The Abrahamic Covenant There has been much recent controversy around the issue of circumcision, which has become the male side of the right-to-choose debate in America, where the practice is still common but being challenged. The practice of circumcision … Continue reading

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Enargeia and the Monkey Mind

In the process of seeking a meditative outlet for my practice of Epicureanism, I have explored with zazen and gained valuable insights that take me back to the third of the Four Cures that one of our masters, Philodemus, taught. … Continue reading

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On Avoiding the Middle East

When the United States was discovered for the Anglo Saxon world, Colombus came here on a mission, he was trying to find a way to India by avoiding the Middle East. Now this was 500 or more years ago. They … Continue reading

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