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The 17 Scholarchs and the Empress

The first companions of Epicurus were known as the kathegemones (those who led the way) and were considered members of Epicurus’ philosophical family, his philoi (affiliates or friends). From this initial group, two sets of leaders emerged: we have the Four … Continue reading

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Unwanted Children at the Border and the Evil Legacy of Catholicism

A major immigrant crisis is brewing along the Mexico-US border where thousands of children are crossing without their parents, fleeing what seems like gang warfare. According to some estimates, nearly 70,000 people have died recently in Mexico as a result of … Continue reading

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Reasonings on the Book of Epistles

Epistles could be termed the Book of Good Manners, a book which completes one’s education within The Good Book: A Humanist Bible. It concerns itself mainly with the importance of wholesome association and of a good education in how to … Continue reading

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Reasonings on The Good

Seek always the good that abides. – The Good 9:1 Of all the books in The Good Book: A Humanist Bible, The Good is the last one and brings the entire work to a close, interestingly, by making several references … Continue reading

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Depression Requires Treatment

The death of Robin Williams generated (rightfully) a tsunami of solidarity with people who suffer from chronic depression,. Because so many people with this health condition isolate themselves, the matter of personal responsibility to seek professional help has to be … Continue reading

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Review of The Painting

Most anime, except for maybe a handful (Kaeena, Princess Menonoke, Spirited Away), generally gets indifference from me. Unlike in the Japanese tradition (where animation is for adults), here in the West animated films tend to attract a younger audience and … Continue reading

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The Book of Acts

After watching the movie Agora, where the story of the life, passion, and death of philosopher Hypatia–who was murdered by a mob of Christian fanatics during the fourth century CE–is narrated, I became much more cognizant of the importance of … Continue reading

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