Mormon “Prophet” Had Over 40 Wives

Joseph Smith, the convicted con-man who wrote the Book of Mormon and founded the Church of Latter-Day Saints (better known as the Mormon Church) … had nothing but love to give!

The New York Times finally broke the spell of political correctness that has been keeping mainstream media from openly discussing some of the more embarrassing facts about the founder of the Mormon cult, Joseph Smith, and the culture of sexual exploitation that he built around himself in It’s Official: Mormon Founder Had Up to 40 Wives. The confession is a triumph of the information era, as the article says:

The church’s disclosures, in a series of essays online, are part of an effort to be transparent about its history at a time when church members are increasingly encountering disturbing claims about the faith on the Internet.

Some of the details that are finally being confessed by Mormon Church leadership include how at least one of his wives was 14 years old, and how some of his other wives were already married to other men (his own church-members) when he took them up as wives. These scandalous claims were already known in online secularist circles. However, like the recent media-savvy campaigns that the Catholic Church has been carrying out to clean up its image after its own recent sexual scandals, the Mormon Church has not changed its evil, immoral, baseless doctrine regarding how wives are “sealed” for eternity and will have to serve their husbands forever in the afterlife. The NYT article explains that this still represents real spiritual and emotional abuse, not just for women in polygamous arrangements but also, and particularly, for women who consider remarrying after becoming widows:

Kristine Haglund, the editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, said that while she found the church’s new transparency “really hopeful,” she and other women she had talked with were disturbed that the essays do not address the painful teaching about polygamy in eternity.

“These are real issues for Mormon women,” Ms. Haglund said. “And because the church has never said definitively that polygamy won’t be practiced in heaven, even very devout and quite conservative women are really troubled by it.”

This is because men are not “sealed” to their wives in the same way as women are to their husbands. In the Mormon afterlife, devout Mormon men are taught that they will get their own planets with multiple wives (well, sexually available servants, really) to rule over.

But Ex-Mormons have recently been gaining visibility and are covering all their bases, helping to correct the harm that their former church has inflicted. They have foundations and recovery groups and webpages. Emboldened by campaigns to normalize the image of Mormonism which include The Learning Channel’s Sister Wives series and the I’m A Mormon video testimonial series on youtube, Ex-Mormons have initiated their own friendly I’m An Ex-Mormon video series.

Emboldened by the so-called scholars who attempt to interpret the lack of scientific, archaeological and genetic evidence for Mormon claims in a distorted manner, there’s also an Ex-Mormon Scholars Testify webpage. The verifiably-false claims that the Mormon prophet made include that the Native Americans are descended from lost Jewish tribes. Aboriginals in our hemisphere carry genetic markers in their DNA from East Asia, and are related to the Chukchi people of Siberia. The Mormon prophet also claimed that Jesus visited the Americas.

The Mormons have always carried out PR campaigns and have an admirable missionary zeal, but recent scandals concerning their persistent political involvement, for which churches risk losing their 501(c)3 non-profit status, produce uncomfortable questions and suspicions–particularly among those of us who are concerned about inappropriate religious intrusion in the public and even in the private lives of citizens. The recent film 8: The Mormon Proposition, for instance, covers the Mormon fight against gay marriage in California in 2008 (where big Mormon money talked, although Mormons in California make up less than 2% of the population), its history of physical and mental abuse–and even torture–of gays under the guise of reparative therapy, and the way in which LDS Church has never, not once, ever opened its financial books for audit … add to that Mitt Romney’s 2012 attempt at ruling the country on the heels of that.


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