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All the past shall ye thus redeem!

O my brethren, I consecrate you and point you to a new nobility: ye shall become procreators and cultivators and sowers of the future. Unto your children shall ye make amends for being the children of your fathers: all the … Continue reading

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Third Taoist Contemplation: Strong Wind Does Not Last All Morning

Thus strong wind does not last all morning. Sudden rain does not last all day. Even Heaven and Earth cannot make it last Tao Te Ching, Chapter 23 The third cure teaches that evils are easy to endure, and the above … Continue reading

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The Tablet of Yays and Nays

Here I sit and wait, old broken tablets around me, and also new ones only partially written upon. – Thus Spake Zarathustra Zarathustra and Moral Realism Studying Thus Spake Zarathustra shortly after studying Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape brought up … Continue reading

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Second Taoist Contemplation: Wu-Wei (No Action) Principle

Taoism teaches that not-meddling assists the nature of all things: by letting them run their course, we find the best results. This lets them be, helps them function as they should. This seems to suggest a case against some forms … Continue reading

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First Taoist Contemplation: the Yielding and the Asserting

Taoism is, together with Buddhism and Confucianism, one of the three great philosophical traditions of China. It is entirely indigenous and has had great influence in popular culture through Star Wars. Taoism inspired the once-fictional religion of Jediism, which is … Continue reading

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Interesting Read: Decline of Democracy?

Originally posted on Sarvodaya:
From Aeon: Neo-liberalism, which was supposed to replace grubby politics with efficient, market-based competition, has led not to the triumph of the free market but to the birth of new and horrid chimeras. The traditional firm,…

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