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Oinoanda: “What the Truth Was Before it Turned into Ruins”

Even if you carve the truth on a gigantic rock mass, in the end, there will be no one to understand it. It will eventually merge into the soil and keep waiting to be understood. As human beings occupy themselves … Continue reading

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April 13 is Hitchens – Jefferson Day

In solidarity with fellow blogger Secular Super-Humanist and with other followers of Epicurean intellectuals, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy (upcoming) Hitchens-Jefferson Day! Adrian Fort’s original idea for the secular holiday was for people to give their friends copies … Continue reading

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Seventh Taoist Contemplation: Nature as Echo in a Cave

It appears, when we read Lao-Tse’s description of the nature of things, that in his naturalist doctrine the vacuous nature of Tao is such that, in life, we get what we put in. This feedback loop is almost described in … Continue reading

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The Problem With a Terrifying and Loving God

Originally posted on Sarvodaya:
One of the first things that caused my religious faith to waver was the paradoxical way in which the Christian God was conveyed (at least by my particular Catholic church): infinitely loving yet presiding over a…

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Sixth Taoist Contemplation: Lao-Tse as Life Coach

Efficient people do one thing at a time. They work on one project, bring it to completion, then move on to the next task. In On Why Materialism Matters, I made the case that in nature we observe what I call … Continue reading

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Fifth Taoist Contemplation: Military Advice

A good commander achieves result, then stops And does not dare to reach for domination Achieves result but does not brag Achieves result but does not flaunt Achieves result but is not arrogant Achieves result but only out of necessity … Continue reading

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Fourth Taoist Contemplation: The Tao of Atheology 

The Tao is empty When utilized, it is not filled up So deep! It seems to be the source of all things Empty, and yet never exhausted It moves, and produces more Tao Te Ching, Chapters 4-5 Tao can’t be … Continue reading

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Reasonings on the Havamal

The Havamal, or Song of the High One, is a collection of ancestral advise attributed to the Norse God of Wisdom, Alfather Odin. It is a poem that consists of 164 stanzas and is part of the Poetic Edda which, … Continue reading

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