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Reasonings on Community, Part I of Book Review

The following review and series of articles are based on The Book of Community: A practical guide to working and living in community, by Los Indianos (authors) and Steve Herrick (translator) For many years, thousands in the Spanish-speakers (and even many English- … Continue reading

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India’s Silenced Lokayata Tradition

There was a period in the development of religious civilization in India during which several religious and philosophical schools emerged to challenge the rigid Vedic standards, including animal sacrifice and the caste system that prevented social mobility and restricted association. More or … Continue reading

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In Memory of DJ Cheb Sabbah

I’ve been listening to the amazing music of Algerian DJ Cheb Sabbah for many years … probably for two decades now, and only recently realized that he died in 2013 from liver cancer. I don’t usually post musical blogs here, but … Continue reading

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The Pleasure-Aversion Faculty: An Introduction

Having explored the third leg of the Canon, and established some premises–most important among them the connection between the Canon and Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection–I’d like to explore another misunderstood aspect of the Canon. We teach that … Continue reading

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In Solidarity With Draw Muhammed Day

The above picture is my all-time favorite Draw Muhammed Day entry. It shows something that most Islamophobes would never consider: a smiley, down-to-Earth, friendly image of the Arabian prophet. Many people use DMD as a chance to depict Muhammad as … Continue reading

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Epicurean Writings by Cassius Amicus

Cassius Amicus, the founder of, is a prolific writer of educational material on Epicurean philosophy and one of the first people in our century to dedicate himself to the teaching mission of the Epicurean Gardens. It was, in part, thanks … Continue reading

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Anticipations: An Introduction

One of the least understood (and most difficult to understand and explain) concepts in Epicurean epistemology is the idea of anticipations, an innate and (most of us believe) pre-cognitive faculty that helps us to identify natural and necessary information within … Continue reading

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