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San Francisco 2015 Trip

Thanks to the kindness of an old friend–and to airbnb–I was able to travel to San Francisco and stay in the Castro district during the week of Pride this year. To be in such a historical place, only a few … Continue reading

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Basic Income Experiments Begin in Europe

It is not surprising that the Dutch would lead the way in this experiment, given that they already have a well-established fondness for less traditional work environments — 46.1 percent of the labor force works part-time, the highest proportion in the … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Community, Part V: Learning in Community

The book of Community includes practical ideas for helping a community work, like the itinerary, which requires the community members to comment on a blog. The purpose of the itinerary is to incite people to conversation, to blend their minds with each … Continue reading

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A Manly Woman’s Work for Racial Justice

I dare say you marvel sometimes at my independent way of walking through the world just as if nature had made me of your sex instead of poor Eve’s. Trust me, my beloved friend, the mind has no sex but … Continue reading

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Test of “Natural and Necessary”

Nothing that is unlimited is “true” – only things for which there can be a limit can be considered as “true.” New Epicurean, On the Test of “Natural and Necessary”

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The Charleston Shooting, the Bible, and Ignorance

A demented young white male, tormented by hatred and paranoia, entered into a Black church and killed nine Black men and women in the middle of what appears to be open season on African Americans. For months, we have been … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Community, Part IV: On Productive Autonomy

Epicurus understands that the only way to be able to live outside of the political battles in the city is to gain productive autonomy. The Book of Community discusses at one point how communal models help to manage the deficiencies … Continue reading

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