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NASA Discovers More Earth-Like Planets

Originally posted on Sarvodaya:
After generating a lot of buzz following the announcement of, well, a big announcement, NASA has finally revealed the big news it has apparently been harboring (and no doubt carefully scrutinizing) for some time: more potentially…

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Bearded prophet of the meek and early archetype of the 1960s hippie. Jesus was born Jewish, but then converted to Dudeism after he realized that the Romans and the Pharisees were fucking fascists. Today lots of people think he’s the … Continue reading

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An Epicurean Case for Pastafari

We must consider both the ultimate end and all clear sensory evidence, to which we refer our opinions; for otherwise everything will be full of uncertainty and confusion. If you fight against all your sensations, you will have no standard … Continue reading

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The Re-discovery of the God of the Underworld

Pluto, the Roman god of death, has attracted much media attention in recent days now that the New Horizons mission will pass near this planetary system and take the most detailed photos never seen. New Horizons is on its way to … Continue reading

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Epicurean Philosophy @ Disqus

A new discussion group has been created at disqus for Epicurean Philosophy. Check it out, share the link and participate!

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Cultivating the Mind of an Epicurus

The flesh receives as unlimited the limits of pleasure; and to provide it requires unlimited time. But the mind, intellectually grasping what the end and limit of the flesh is, and banishing the terrors of the future, procures a complete … Continue reading

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Cosma Raimondi and Educational Videos

  A piece on Cosma Raimondi, who wrote in 1429 a treatise in defense of Epicurus and of pleasure, and a page with educational videos from various sources, have been posted at Society of Epicurus.

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