Monthly Archives: September 2015 and the Importance of Appreciating Our Available Literature

Those of you who are close followers of Epicurean literature and community online may have noticed that the and the Epicurus Wiki webpages both went offline recently. The other major resource that remains (outside of Society of Epicurus–including in … Continue reading

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Review of Sam Harris’ Waking Up, Part V

Part IV On Gurus Harris believes that the guru-disciple relationship is not necessarily to be avoided or thrown out. Mentors can be useful, and sometimes necessary for gaining certain insights. He gives one sign of a potentially healthy guru: humility. He also prudently … Continue reading

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Review of Sam Harris’ Waking Up, Part IV

Part III Against the War on Drugs In Waking Up, Harris takes time to join the many voices that are calling for decriminalization of mind-enhancing drugs and advocates their use to experiment with altered states of mind. This, he acknowledges, … Continue reading

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Podcast Ateorizar: Episodio Epicuro de Samos

Podcast Ateorizar, con la participación de Hiram Crespo; discusión de la filosofía de Epicuro, de la indignación por el maltrato a una atea en la televisión ecuatoriana, visita del papa y otros temas. Translation: Spanish-language podcast featuring myself discussing Epicurean … Continue reading

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This Week in Epicurean Philosophy

New Epicurean has setup a newsletter with their weekly updates. If you’d like to stay informed about all things Epicurean, please subscribe here!

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“Brother, let’s guard life more!”

When you go and buy a car, you’re not buying with money. You’re buying with the TIME it took you to work and earn that money. Therefore, you buy a car and you pay with life! Brother, let’s guard life … Continue reading

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Review of Sam Harris’ Waking Up, Part III

Part II On Harris’ Insight into Katastematic Pleasure Harris refuses to label abiding pleasure as such, however in his approach to happiness he does make a case for it while discussing the logic of retreating from the world. If there exists … Continue reading

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