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Juan Gonzalez’ Laudable Lecture on the Puerto Rico Crisis

During the Occupy Movement, many of us became increasingly cognizant of the grave need to get our news from non-corporate, alternative media outlets. RT, Alternet, and many other outlets gained much greater visibility as it became increasingly apparent that Fox … Continue reading

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Trudeau the Leftie Beau

Now that Canada has elected the dreamy sex symbol Justin Trudeau, of the Liberal Party, as its new Prime Minister, we should expect changes to recreational drug use throughout the continent in the coming years. As part of his platform, … Continue reading

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In Solidarity with FEMEN

Two bare-breasted members of the activist feminist organization FEMEN, which has many ex-Muslim members, recently interrupted an Islamic event in France. The event had to do with women in Islam, but the presenters were all male imams. I am sharing … Continue reading

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Babel, Africa

The movement for Catalonian independence in northeastern Spain is gaining momentum, and makes me think of the possible alternative histories and future histories concerning the evolution of Romance languages. If Barcelona, rather than the Kingdom of Castilla, had fought and … Continue reading

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Update on and Wiki

A fellow Epicurean has shared with us the sad news of Erik Anderson’s passing at the age of 47 and a link to his obituary, according to which he was fascinated by astronomy and astrophotography. His younger sister Kayla, who shared … Continue reading

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