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Addressing the Hippie Commune Myth

As he has in the past, Alain de Botton has published educational material that links contemporary communes, and monasteries, with the historical prototype of Epicurus’ Garden in Athens. As a result of this and other controversies, our Epicurean friend from … Continue reading

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Parallel Sayings Buddhist Meme Series: On Good Association

In the coming weeks I will be posting weekly memes celebrating the similar teachings of the Epicurean and Buddhist traditions.

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My New Zafu: Towards an Epicurean Contemplative Practice

From the early writing of my piece for The Humanist titled Death and the Skeptic, through my explorations of Zen in Tending the Epicurean Garden (inspired, in part, by Sam Harris’ call for the development of a science of contemplation in … Continue reading

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The Natural Limits of Pleasure

A recent thread on the Epicurean Philosophy discussion group has brought about discussion on the important distinction. This distinction is important for many reasons. It helps us to clearly understand the science of happiness, but also protects us from the … Continue reading

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The Paris Attacks

… because nothing convinces everyone of your moral superiority like executing dozens of innocent people, recharging your weapon, and doing it again, and again. (sigh) So here we go. Please share this, together with the hashtag #ImagineNoReligion. It’s the Society of … Continue reading

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“This Week in Epicurus” Newsletter

As some of you may know, the “Happy 20th” newsletter won’t be running any more and instead New Epicurean has updated the quality of their “This Week in Epicurus” newsletter. The last couple of entries have been of very good … Continue reading

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We realized the importance of pens and books when we saw the guns. The wise saying “the pen is my sword” was true. The extremists were and are afraid of books and pens, the power of education frightens them. They … Continue reading

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