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Utilitarian Reasonings I

The ancient Epicureans’ contractarian ideas on justice have greatly influenced contemporary libertarianism, and conceptions of hedonic calculus–the comparative evaluation of the pleasure versus pain generated by our choices and avoidances–have been applied, sometimes in a manner that is not very … Continue reading

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Lucretius, in honor of Earth Day

In his epic poem, Lucretius refers to Earth as Mother numerous times, but also takes the time to explain that the personification of Earth as Mother is merely a figure of speech, an act of poetry, and that the planet … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! – The Well-Walled Fortress of the Wise

Last Friday I worked my normal 9-to-5 job, after which I worked until after midnight a bartending shift at a wedding that I had accepted some weeks back. I wasn’t crazy about working more than 16 hours, but figured that … Continue reading

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Lucretius Against Reincarnation

Naturalists frequently and easily reject the salvific theories of the Abrahamic religions, but there are some who, influenced by New Age ideas, claim that reincarnation is somehow more plausible, makes more sense and is more provable than rebirth in or … Continue reading

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Lucretius on Overabundance and Obesity

  Then, shortage of food brought men to weariness and death; now, overabundance kills them off. In ignorance, they served themselves poison; now, wiser, they serve it to others. Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, Book V

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On Knowing the Natural Limits of Pleasure and Desire

So man in vain futilities toils on Forever and wastes in idle cares his years- Because, of very truth, he hath not learnt What the true end of getting is, nor yet At all how far true pleasure may increase. … Continue reading

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The Panama Papers and the Crisis of Capitalism

Originally posted on Sarvodaya:
The Panama Papers are a collection of 11.5 million leaked legal documents spanning over four decades — amounting to an incredible 2.6 terabytes of  data — that contain details on on over 214,000 offshore companies and their shareholders and directors —…

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