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Counted number of pulses only is given to us of a variegated, dramatic life. How may we see in them all that is to seen in them by the finest senses? How shall we pass most swiftly from point to … Continue reading

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Authors and Books at #ahacon16

I had the pleasure of participating yesterday in an author panel at the American Humanist Association‘s 75th annual conference. I have written previously for a publication known as The Humanist, and my book Tending the Epicurean Garden was published via Humanist Press, … Continue reading

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Utilitarian Reasonings III: Virtue as Means to Pleasure

Life would be a poor thing, very ill provided with sources of happiness, if there were not this provision of nature, by which things originally indifferent, but conducive to, or otherwise associated with, the satisfaction of our primitive desires, become … Continue reading

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The Materialist Conception of Identity

I frequently view, and sometimes enjoy and learn from, the videos published by the School of Life, a philosophical organization that claims to derive inspiration, in part, from the Epicurean Gardens of antiquity. In recent weeks, I viewed one of their … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth of May: Better Be a Subject and at Peace

The Epicurean adage lathe biosas, which is translated usually as “Live Unknown”, is an invitation to live life away from politics, to not cater to the mobs and instead to be distinct and separate from them. This is a pre-requisite … Continue reading

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The New African Century Dawns in Hispanic West Africa

The 21st Century may be unofficially the Asian Century, thanks to the rise of China, Japan, and India, but in terms of population growth, as well as–in some countries–economic growth, the 21st Century also belongs to Africa. There are a few … Continue reading

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