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The Zamenhofs’ (Misplaced) Faith

LL Zamenhof is the inventor of the most successful artificial tongue on Earth: the international auxiliary language of Esperanto, the same one which has become a viral cultural artifact now in the age of Duolingo–where it is approaching half a million … Continue reading

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Brexit and the Rise of the International Language Esperanto

As the Roman Empire collapsed and slowly became obsolete, its components became increasingly independent of each other and fractured. In the large scheme of things, the exit of Britain from the European Union is beginning to look like one of … Continue reading

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Hume on Epicurean Ethics

Someone in one of our facebook discussion groups recently brought up Hume’s essay titled The Epicurean, which is followed by a portion on Stoicism and seems to conclude that the Stoic approach of pursing “virtue” for the sake of “glory” is a good … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth: Neural Pathways in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura

Happy Twentieth to all the Epicureans everywhere! Today I will share a portion of the Lucretian text that explains the ancients’ conception of neural pathways, the modern confirmation of which sparked the emergence of the scientific field of neuroplasticity, or … Continue reading

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Parallel Sayings: Epicurus and Lucretius

Mind and soul, I say, are held conjoined one with other, And form one single nature of themselves; But chief and regnant through the frame entire Is still that counsel which we call the mind. Lucretius, De Rerum Natura III.136-140 … Continue reading

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Anger, Frank Criticism, and the Orlando Attack

I have been browsing the teachings of our tradition to see what they may have to say about the Orlando attack. Principal Doctrine 39, among other things, recognizes that we can not be everyone’s friend, and that there are people that … Continue reading

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Utilitarian Reasoning IV: Justice and Utility

In our first Utilitarian Reasoning, we saw the clear resonance that Utilitarian conceptions of justice had with Epicurean conceptions of mutual advantage, as presented in the Principal Doctrines. In Mill’s fifth chapter, the subject of justice is revisited, as it … Continue reading

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Swinish Herds and Pastafarians

I recently wrote a piece for Eidolon, a classics publication, titled Swinish Herds and Pastafarians. It explores the history of comedy as an ideological weapon. If you like and follow my blog, you will likely enjoy the article. Please enjoy … Continue reading

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In Solidarity with the Reason Rally

Whilst human kind Throughout the lands lay miserably crushed Before all eyes beneath Religion—who Would show her head along the region skies, Glowering on mortals with her hideous face— A Greek it was who first opposing dared Raise mortal eyes … Continue reading

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