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Cyrenaic Reasonings IV: Walter Pater’s Neo-Cyrenaic Philosophy

In his book, Lampe discusses Walter Pater’s literature. Walter is the author of Marius the Epicurean, and also an advocate of naturalist and hedonistic philosophy that focuses on aesthetics as a way to capture and live life in the moment. … Continue reading

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Cyrenaic Reasonings III: Theodorus the Godless

This is the third in a blog series on Cyrenaic Philosophy. Please also read the first and second parts. Atheism, as understood today–particularly in its militant strands–is a fairly modern phenomenon but it’s not by any means new. Many centuries … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth: THIS May Have Happened in the Great All

Happy Twentieth to Epicureans everywhere. This month I will evaluate one curious feature of the doctrine of innumerable worlds: the way in which it seems to have inspired wonder for many generations, and even a storytelling tradition that served as … Continue reading

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Atheist Parable of the Train

No one has ever cut off a head in the name of atheism. No one ever has cut into human flesh and looked into a camera and said: in the name of NOTHING! – Jim Jeffries I discovered Jim Jeffries’ comedy … Continue reading

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Cyrenaic Reasonings II: Hegesias and Anniceris

Hegesias Magnanimous people seem disdainful. – Hegesias Hegesias had a huge difference of opinion with Anniceris on what makes up the ideal life. Among his anti-social views, we find that he believed that the sage is like a king, has no peer and … Continue reading

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In Honor of Angélique Kidjo

Our masters in the Epicurean tradition are adamant that we only get one life. Too often, we unfortunately wait for celebrities, artists, mentors, and people we admire to die before we find the words to show how much we celebrate … Continue reading

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In Memory of A Mother Lioness

Last year for Pride, I was in San Francisco when they announced that gay marriage was the law of the land and it was the most magical Pride I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I woke up the next … Continue reading

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