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Antinous: the Man-God Who Rivaled Jesus in the 2nd Century CE

1,886 years ago, in Oct 28 of the year 130 of Common Era, a young man from Bithynia (in today’s northwestern Turkey) drowned in the Nile while touring all the provinces of the Roman Empire under the wing of his … Continue reading

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RIP Pete Burns

I usually do not blog about pop culture. I’m careful not to idolize people, because so many individuals with amazing talent sometimes engage in behavior that is unwholesome and I do not wish to defend that behavior. But in spite … Continue reading

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Hermarchus on the Ethics of Vegetarianism and Treatment of Animals

A discussion on vegetarianism and ethics in the Epicurean Philosophy facebook group was initially incited by a provocative video on why we love dogs and eat pigs, which evaluates the controversy, double standards and hypocrisy of the matter. I’ve read more than … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth of October: The Goal of True Spiritual Practice: Pure, Effortless Pleasure

Happy Twentieth to all the Epicureans and Humanists everywhere! In my Six Things I Learned After Writing “Tending the Epicurean Garden” post, one of the points mentioned was this: Neuroscience was a field of great interest to Epicurean philosophy from the onset. Epicurus, … Continue reading

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RJB VIII: A Humanist Commentary on the Passion Narrative

Render Unto Caesar … Curiously, one of the most frequently cited secular proverbs comes to us from the Gospel, and from the lips of Jesus of Nazareth himself: Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and render unto God what is God’s. Jesus believed in the … Continue reading

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Raif Badawi, on Secularism

Secularism is the most important refuge for citizens of a country. Secularism respects everyone and doesn’t offend anyone. It’s the practical solution to lift countries out of the third world and into the first. – Raif Badawi, imprisoned Saudi secular blogger

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Dialogue on the Search for Meaning

This blog follows up on a recent online dialogue on meaning versus pleasure which took place in the Epicurean Philosophy Group. The most important conclusion, as far as using Epicurean tools to weave meaning into our lives, was shared by both … Continue reading

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