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Fidel Castro’s Legacy

After the death of any great historical figure, people conduct assessments of their achievements and failings. In the case of Fidel Castro’s legacy, the emotional reactions can be very strong on all sides of the political spectrum, even beyond the Cuban exiled community. One … Continue reading

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Happy Primate Pride Day

In recent years, Spanish-speaking atheist bloggers and activists invented a new holiday in order to raise awareness about Darwinian evolution via natural selection and to challenge the shame that religionists experience around our simian origins. In making the announcement, the Blog Sin … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! – Shall we Banish the Ego?!

Peace and Safety on this Twentieth to all Epicureans and Humanists everywhere! It gets parroted so often and by so many people seemingly in positions of moral authority, that many people never quite shake off the insinuation that the ego … Continue reading

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On Building a New Left

I wrote about the American Right in a recent post … but it’s the Left I’m worried about in the post-election mayhem. A recent Las Indias blog titled El fin de la izquierda posmoderna hit the nail in the head as far as I’m … Continue reading

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Raif Badawi, on Theocratic Nations’ Underachievement

“No religion at all has any connection to mankind’s civic progress.” “Look at all the countries that are based on a religious ideology; look at their people and the generations born into it: What do they have to offer human … Continue reading

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The American Right Takes Off the Mask of Piety and Good Morals

Donald Trump is the President-elect of the US. While many opinion editorials have been and will be written about the shocking results of this election, I wish to accentuate one positive aspect: it is obvious that the power of the Christian Right … Continue reading

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