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Adios 2016, Year of the Fallen Icons

This year we lost many legendary figures: Carrie Fisher / Princess Leia (May the Force be With Her!), Pete Burns, Prince (Nothing Compares to Him!), David Bowie, Spock, and Juan Gabriel, who was the most beloved, prolific, and talented songwriter, singer and composer … Continue reading

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Happy Kwanzaa!

The role of ceremony in preserving and strengthening communities and bringing friends together increasingly becomes a source of research and curiosity for me. I’ve written about this before. Earlier this year, the School of Life published a video on the history … Continue reading

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Merry Yuletide!

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Happy Twentieth! Epicurus on Gratitude

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Epicurean Philosophy group had an interesting conversation about gratitude, and I felt it would be helpful to students of Epicurus if I shared some of the quotes and comments from it. I think it’s pretty clear that gratitude fits easily … Continue reading

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Epicureans Wanted for “My Life as an Epicurean” Program

Phil Pegum, Senior Producer at BBC Religion and Ethics, is putting together a series called “My Life as a …” about how ancient philosophical teachings can be applied to modern life. It’s presented by the comedian (and classics graduate) Andy Zaltzman. … Continue reading

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Raif Badawi, on How Awful Life is in an Islamic State

“States based on religious ideology have nothing except the fear of God and an inability to face up to life.” “States which are based on religion confine their people in the circle of faith and fear.” – Raif Badawi, imprisoned … Continue reading

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Mike Pence’s School Voucher Program Financed an Islamic School in Indiana

In the age of Trump and Pence, Betsy DeVos will be in charge of public education but does not believe in public education, preferring instead to privatize schools with a strong preference for using public money to fund educational institutions that engage … Continue reading

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