Draco Rosa: I’m here!

Since this month is the nativity of one of my favorite gods of rock, Robi Rosa (a.k.a. Draco)–who was born on the night the Stonewall Riots took place–I thought I’d share one of my favorite songs by him, from my favorite CD by him–which is named after the song: Songbirds and Roosters.

The song’s chorus contains an existential cry: “I’m here! … While I’m here smile just for a while!”. We only get one life, and time wasted will never be recovered. Time is a non-renewable resource. People almost always wait for their loved ones to pass away before they express their devotion, their love, their gratitude, their whatever … but then it’s too late. We should seize the moment and notice each other’s presence–and love, and laughter, and all the things that we give each other that make life worth living–while we’re here, not after.

I’m here, so care for me
Laugh for me
While I’m here
Smile, just for a while

I’m here, so die with me
Smile with me
While I’m here
Smile, just for a while


About hiramcrespo

Hiram Crespo is the author of 'Tending the Epicurean Garden' and founder of societyofepicurus.com. He's also written for The Humanist, Eidolon, Occupy, The New Humanism, The Secular Web, Europa Laica, AteístasPR, and many other outlets.
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