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The Havamal, on Loyalty

A man must be a friend to his friend, for himself and for the friend, but no man must be a friend of a friend of his foe. Havamal 43 #KnowYourCircle

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Happy Twentieth: Pale Blue Dot

This month, the Menoeceus Blog published an entry on Epicurean Extremes, and I published the piece “For the ARE Gods …” about Epicurean theology, finished a blog series in celebration of the Epicurean poet Horace, had the great pleasure of reading a book by … Continue reading

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America: “Out of Many, One”

The motto of our nation is E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many, One”), and one can’t exaggerate the extent to which this motto defines America in all phases of its history. Many intellectuals, most prominent among them Locke, influenced the political … Continue reading

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