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The Pleasures of Foreign Films

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the Spanish film The Skin I Live In at a friend’s house. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Everyone had an opinion, and it was always favorable. During the film, our host mentioned how … Continue reading

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The Puritans: the Seed of America’s Obscurantism

“As children we learned that the Puritans were interested in religious freedom and they certainly were. Another way of looking at them, however, with the history I’ve chronicled, is as the most extreme faction of an extreme faction of an … Continue reading

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Lucian’s Lover of Lies

Merry Christmas everyone! I recently had the pleasure of reading Lucian’s Lover of Lies, which is reputed to have inspired The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Like his other work True History, he starts off lamenting how people prefer lies to truth … and as … Continue reading

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What if the Sadducees Had Persisted?

This month’s Twentieth message by New Epicurean tells the counter-history of Hannukah. It mentions the Sadducees in passing, and how the uprising of the Maccabees–which is commemorated during Hanukah–concluded in such a manner, that this lineage of Judaism disappeared, and … Continue reading

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Are we all existentialists?

“The tension between (is and ought) is felt much less clearly in real life than at the conceptual level at which most philosophers like to dwell. They feel that we can not reason ourselves from one level to the other, … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth: the Epicureans and the Original Jedi

Happy 20th to Epicureans everywhere! This month, I published a series of Reasonings on Michel Onfray’s Hedonist Manifesto–Please make sure to read, share, and comment!–and comedian Andy Zaltzman hosted the podcast “My Life as an Epicurean“, where he spent a … Continue reading

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Would a True God Bring Trouble to Jerusalem?

I must begin by recognizing that the love one feels for one’s land, whether native or ancestral, can be sometimes very real and heart-felt. The recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico have brought back memories of the love and education I … Continue reading

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