The Mormon Hoax

On April 6th, Mormons celebrated the day of the foundation of their Latter-Day Saints Church. Mormonism was founded by a convicted conman, Joseph Smith, who conspired with a number of co-signers (“witnesses”, according to Mormons), most of whom were Freemasons. He had over 30 wives, some of whom were 14 when he began having sex with them, and some of whom he appropriated from his own followers.

There are many shady, bizarre and funny stories related to how this new religious movement came to be and the beliefs it holds. Some include falsified translation of supposed Egyptian scrolls into documents that are today considered scripture by Mormons, but whose content in the (now desciphered) Kemetic language had nothing to do with Mormon legends. Mormon theology teaches that God is a human male of white complexion who rules over planet Kolob, and has many wives. One of the most interesting oddities is the seer stone that the Mormon “prophet” used to either receive the transmission of revelation, or translate it. He would peer into this stone, which he kept inside a hat, and produce the divinely inspired content. You may find more on the Seer Stone on Wikipedia and on

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