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Happy Twentieth! Lila: Reclaiming Religion as Pleasure

Philosophy Now has published yet another intro to Epicurean philosophy that confuses the end (pleasant living) for sedation or painlessness (disguised as ataraxia, which is a condition that leads to pleasant living). The article is titled The Ultimate Tranquilizer, and has prompted … Continue reading

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Cassava Bread: Cultural and Culinary Notes

I didn’t delve much into my Taíno heritage in my ancestral storylines piece, but at over 10% Native American, I’m much more credibly aboriginal than Elizabeth Warren! 🙂 The Taínos worshiped deities known as the cemí (somewhat like the kami of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Sting!

Sting–whose birthday is today–is a versatile artist. He even recorded a CD in Spanish and Portuguese, beautifully sang the Hare Krishna mahamantra with Jai Uttal, and entered the science-fiction mythology of the Duniverse when he incarnated the feisty nephew of Baron … Continue reading

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