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In Memoriam: the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch trials were the rock on which theocracy shattered. – Historian George Lincoln Burr On August 19 and September 22, 1692 dozens of innocent people accused of “witchcraft” were executed as part of the Salem Witch Trials. The … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania: the new Epicenter of the Catholic Church’s Evil and Corruption

Over the last few weeks, news outlets have been chronicling the lies and predation of the Catholic Church after a 800+ page report was published on the problem, which spans seven decades of (known) cases and involves 300+ priests and … Continue reading

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Not predestined for knowledge

There is a stupid humility that is by no means rare, and those afflicted with it are altogether unfit to become votaries of knowledge. For as soon as a person of this type perceives something striking, he turns on his … Continue reading

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Anti-Platonic Passage from RotA

The following is the very amusing anti-Platonic paragraph in chapter 20 of Revolt of the Angels (full review here): “While the little children played at hop-scotch under the Abbey walls our friends the monks devoted themselves to another game equally unprofitable, at which, … Continue reading

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Some Epicurean Thoughts on Satanism’s Curious Evolution into a Mainstream Religion

Towards the end of Thus Spake Zarathustra, Nietzsche included a “Worship of the Ass” parable where many of the higher men who had followed the atheistic prophet felt that anything was better than a meaningless life, that ANY god was … Continue reading

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Revolt of the Angels Book Review

“I have delved deep into Oriental antiquities and also into those of Greece and Rome. I have devoured the works of theologians, philosophers, physicists, geologists, and naturalists. I have learnt. I have thought. I have lost my faith.” – RotA … Continue reading

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Modern Atheism is Overtly Nihilistic

Modern atheism is overtly nihilistic … atheistic nihilism struggles between two visions of the world: the Judeo-Christian and something not yet defined … Only time and progress through the century will permit us to discover it. For now we have … Continue reading

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