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Good Omens: Short Review

Disclaimer: I have not read the book. This is a review of the series adaptation, and is perhaps why I’m not disappointed (as often happens–as in the case of the reviewer from The Humanist) after having read the book first. … Continue reading

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How to Eat Breadfruit

If a man plants ten breadfruit trees in his life, which he can do in about an hour, he would completely fulfil his duty to his own as well as future generations. – Joseph Banks, 1769, Captain Cook’s botanist I … Continue reading

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Cacao Bliss: the Food of the Gods

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Film Review: “Hail Satan?”

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. First Amendment to the United States Constitution It’s a summarized chronicle of the rise of the Satanic Temple in the United States in the last few years, but more than … Continue reading

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I’m Hispanic and Epicurean, and so the connections between Greek and Hispanic cultures are interesting to me. Unfortunately, although the Greeks have had a presence in Iberia since antiquity, and although the Spanish and Greek languages sound similar or even … Continue reading

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American Gods and Game of Thrones

This weekend I watched the finale of the second season of American Gods, as well as one of the most epic climactic moments in Game of Thrones: the great battle between the alliance of the living (under the leadership of … Continue reading

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Bablic: Automated Translation App for Webmasters

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Amikumu, Duolingo and other apps that teach or help to practice languages. I’m also a big fan of languages in general, and of apps that translate content, maybe because I … Continue reading

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