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Autarchy Projects: Affiliate Marketing

This post is the last in a series of blogs about autarchy (i.d. self-sufficiency) projects, which is part of The Autarkist’s focus on Epicurean economics this year. Previous blogs have focused on bartending, real estate, etc. I took an interest … Continue reading

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Autarchy Project: Bartending

Some of the jobs I did in my years of under-employment involved working as a server and bartender in many places. Most of the server jobs were severely underpaid and offered far less than a full time income. Catering companies … Continue reading

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Autarchy Project: Investing in Real Estate and AirBnB

As I said previously, this year my content will focus on Epicurean economics. As part of my learning adventures, every last Friday of the month I’ll be posting “autarchy projects” blog updates to document some of my experiments in autarchy (=self-sufficiency), … Continue reading

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Free Bitcoin at Coinbase

As one of several experiments in autarchy that I’ve engaged in over recent years, I invested a little money on cryptocurrencies, and enjoyed the process of learning and writing about them.  This was after the 2017 rally, so I missed … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! On Epicurean Economics

Happy 20th to Epicureans everywhere! This month we celebrated 10 years of the GARDEN OF ATHENS: Celebration of a Decade of Pleasure, and the PEL podcast published their follow-up to the Lucretius episode (which focused on the physics), titled Epicurus on Seeking … Continue reading

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Islamic Banking

At one and the same time we must philosophize, laugh, and manage our household and economics, while never ceasing to proclaim the words of true philosophy. – Epicurean Saying 41 One of the soundest aspects of Islam is the banking … Continue reading

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The Tao of Bitcoin

Recently, while reading Ontology of Motion and revisiting Lucretius’ poem, the Taoist metaphor about how the nature of things is like water was in the back of my mind. While considering the way in which water and air and galaxies move in … Continue reading

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