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Islamic Banking

At one and the same time we must philosophize, laugh, and manage our household and economics, while never ceasing to proclaim the words of true philosophy. – Epicurean Saying 41 One of the soundest aspects of Islam is the banking … Continue reading

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The Tao of Bitcoin

Recently, while reading Ontology of Motion and revisiting Lucretius’ poem, the Taoist metaphor about how the nature of things is like water was in the back of my mind. While considering the way in which water and air and galaxies move in … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the new digital currencies

Avenging the 2008 Crisis Money is evolving beyond recognition. When Trump became president, many predicted that there would be a trade war between countries, but the world is much more complex than that. Yes, it’s likely that countries will write laws to … Continue reading

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Homemade Kombucha and Tempeh

As my readers may remember, making kombucha and tempeh were among my 2018 resolutions. In 2009, I delved briefly into the live-foods lifestyle and came to understand the importance of probiotics. Fermented foods (like yoghurt, cheese, kimchi, etc.) are easier to digest … Continue reading

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Happy Kwanzaa!

The role of ceremony in preserving and strengthening communities and bringing friends together increasingly becomes a source of research and curiosity for me. I’ve written about this before. Earlier this year, the School of Life published a video on the history … Continue reading

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RJB VII: The Gospels’ Indictment of Manonism

You can’t serve both God and money! – Jesus of Nazareth Manon is the personification of the demon of greed, as well as the Hebrew word for money. Manonism, or the cult of money, received a theatrical indictment during the … Continue reading

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Lucretius on Overabundance and Obesity

  Then, shortage of food brought men to weariness and death; now, overabundance kills them off. In ignorance, they served themselves poison; now, wiser, they serve it to others. Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, Book V

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