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Epicureans Wanted for “My Life as an Epicurean” Program

Phil Pegum, Senior Producer at BBC Religion and Ethics, is putting together a series called “My Life as a …” about how ancient philosophical teachings can be applied to modern life. It’s presented by the comedian (and classics graduate) Andy Zaltzman. … Continue reading

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Dialogue on the Search for Meaning

This blog follows up on a recent online dialogue on meaning versus pleasure which took place in the Epicurean Philosophy Group. The most important conclusion, as far as using Epicurean tools to weave meaning into our lives, was shared by both … Continue reading

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Six Things I Learned After Writing “Tending the Epicurean Garden”

Today marks the 2-year anniversary of the “official” publication of my book (review here), although the book had been available on Amazon prior to that date. I wrote the bulk of the content on Tending the Epicurean Garden during the … Continue reading

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Reasonings on the Jefferson Bible I

The blog series RJB is based on my reading of the Jefferson Bible for the 21st Century, published by Humanist Press. It is based on the cut-and-paste Bible that was put together by American founding father Thomas Jefferson, where he … Continue reading

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Hume on Epicurean Ethics

Someone in one of our facebook discussion groups recently brought up Hume’s essay titled The Epicurean, which is followed by a portion on Stoicism and seems to conclude that the Stoic approach of pursing “virtue” for the sake of “glory” is a good … Continue reading

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Swinish Herds and Pastafarians

I recently wrote a piece for Eidolon, a classics publication, titled Swinish Herds and Pastafarians. It explores the history of comedy as an ideological weapon. If you like and follow my blog, you will likely enjoy the article. Please enjoy … Continue reading

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PSBMS: On Correcting Unwarranted Fears and Views

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Drag Queens as Laughing Philosophers 

Academia has sold us the idea of philosophy as something so ancient, so irrelevant, and so marginal, that we forget to name our own wisdom traditions and our surrounding pop philosophy, even our ghetto philosophy, when we find it. We sometimes … Continue reading

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PSBMS: Respecting and Admiring Good People is Good for the Character

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PSBMS: Tranquility and Occasional Solitude

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