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The Havamal, on Loyalty

A man must be a friend to his friend, for himself and for the friend, but no man must be a friend of a friend of his foe. Havamal 43 #KnowYourCircle Advertisements

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Happy Twentieth! – The Havamal, on Isolation

Happy Twentieth to Epicureans everywhere. Over the last month, Philosophy Now published a piece titled The Epicurean option, which gives a glimpse into how Epicurus’ upbringing made him particularly attuned to the spiritual and psychological needs of common folk, and I published … Continue reading

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Diogenes’ Wall: on Old Age

We should not view the young man as happy, but rather the old man whose life has been fortunate. The young man at the height of his powers is often befuddled by chance and driven from his course; but the … Continue reading

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