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Happy Twentieth! Back to the Basics II

Happy 20th to all students of Epicureanism! This month marks the publication date for How to Live a Good Life, for which I wrote the Epicureanism chapter, and also a book review of the rest of the book. As this … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! Philodemus Against Arrogance

Happy Twentieth to Epicureans and allies everywhere! In my book, in the chapter on friendship (which is my favorite chapter in the book), I mentioned that human beings need affection, and that “friends are for hugging”. While reading the essay … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! In Defense of Eudaimonia

Peace and Safety to all Epicureans, Neo-Epicureans and kindred spirits! Please don’t forget to join our Garden of Epicurus group on Facebook if you’d like to study Epicurean philosophy with others. On this day, I’d like to defend the concept … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Activity

The Problem of Anxiety Most men are insensible when they rest, and mad when they act. – Vatican Saying 11 This little-noticed Vatican Saying goes to the heart of the issues addressed by the practice of the yoga of activity. In … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Existential Anxiety

The Gita takes place in the field of Kurukshetra, also called Dharmakshetra (the battlefield of action). As the battle is about to begin, Arjuna–who belongs to the warrior caste–asks his charioteer, Lord Krishna, to move the chariot to a place … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth: What’s Wrong with Pleasure?

Happy Twentieth to Epicureans everywhere! We recently stumbled across a piece in The Agonist: a Nietzsche Circle Journal titled On Nietzsche’s Search for Happiness and Joy: Thinking with Epicurus–speaking of which, here’s Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30. We … Continue reading

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FIfth, Sixth, and Seventh Principle of Piety

From Philodemus’ Scroll On Piety Worship affects reality because it affects character Piety is a sort of art of divine attunement with the philosophical virtues that produces wholesome, blessed, blissful, therapeutic states of mind Epicurean doctrines are considered the true … Continue reading

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