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My Experience Doing the Master Cleanse and Intermittent Fasting

Since my hours at work were cut, and I have more time in my hands, and I enjoy learning something new every day, I decided to take some time to reinvent my dietary lifestyle and practice a whole foods, plants-based … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! Did Epicurus Practice Intermittent Fasting?

Happy 20th to the students of philosophy everywhere. Some literary updates: an evaluation of the Epicurean doctrines on wealth has been published at Society of Epicurus. Some of the key insights are: There is a natural measure of wealth (ploutou … Continue reading

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Trying the Beyond Burger

After overcoming caffeine addiction in 2009, I delved into raw foods for some time and went through a mild “detox”. For a few months, I changed my relationship with food and with my body forever. It was during that time … Continue reading

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My Weight Loss Experiment

This content is sponsored by Flat Belly System. Over the next three months, I will be attempting to lose weight “the Epicurean way”: while not depriving my body of nutrients or of the pleasure of great food. I’m not obese, … Continue reading

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How to Eat Breadfruit

If a man plants ten breadfruit trees in his life, which he can do in about an hour, he would completely fulfil his duty to his own as well as future generations. – Joseph Banks, 1769, Captain Cook’s botanist I … Continue reading

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Cacao Bliss: the Food of the Gods

This content is sponsored by, a service that reviews and compares shipping prices available to a customer in order to provide the most affordable freight services. Whether it’s furniture, cars, motorcycles, even pets, uShip will find the most affordable, … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Cabbage: Pancit, Sauerkraut, Tikel Gomen

I’m a huge fan of cabbage. I wasn’t before, but as three of my favorite restaurants on Earth are Ethiopian, and in my neighborhood, I’ve learned to love tikel gomen–an Ethiopian stew made from cabbage, potatoes and carrots. Prior to … Continue reading

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Cassava pasta in a Thai Green Curry

My neighbor has recently taken an interest in the Paleo diet. This has led to his exploring the use of cassava to make bread and pasta. Here is a previous blog I wrote about cultural and culinary notes on cassava. Almost … Continue reading

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Cassava Bread: Cultural and Culinary Notes

I didn’t delve much into my Taíno heritage in my ancestral storylines piece, but at over 10% Native American, I’m much more credibly aboriginal than Elizabeth Warren! 🙂 The Taínos worshiped deities known as the cemí (somewhat like the kami of … Continue reading

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My Anthony Bourdain Eulogy

Only wolves and lions eat alone, you should not eat, not even a snack, on your own. – Epicurus For years, millions of viewers shared the pleasures of travel and dining with Anthony and, although he didn’t know them, many of us felt him as … Continue reading

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