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“No Redeemer Liveth”: Comparing Christianity, Islam and Satanism

No burdened soul can carry the burden of another. – Qur’an 35:18 On the issue of personal responsibility, the Qur’an seems at least on one account superior to the New Testament: there is no atonement by the blood of Jesus. No one must sacrifice … Continue reading

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Islam and Secularism

I am concluding my blog series after reading the Qur’an discussing secular values. In recent days, the wife of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has tried to generate awareness of the fact that there is now an Islamic Party of … Continue reading

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Deeds Versus Belief

Indeed, those who have believed then disbelieved, then believed, then disbelieved, and then increased in disbelief–never will Allah forgive them, nor will He guide them. – Qur’an 4:137 Can doubt be a sin? Can a sincerely held opinion be evil? … Continue reading

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The Satanic Verses Event

Where there is no belief, there is no blasphemy. – Salman Rushdie When most people hear of Satanic Verses, they usually think about author Salman Rushdie and the controversy surrounding his novel, which inspired a fatwa against him. He had to … Continue reading

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Islamic Banking

At one and the same time we must philosophize, laugh, and manage our household and economics, while never ceasing to proclaim the words of true philosophy. – Epicurean Saying 41 One of the soundest aspects of Islam is the banking … Continue reading

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Violence and Killing in the Qur’an

This blog, published on the anniversary of their deaths, is in memory of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. It also coincides with news about a Saudi woman who was allowed to stay in Thailand after she revealed that she … Continue reading

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Muhammad and the Problem of Proof

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. – Carl Sagan Muhammad was illiterate. He was no philosopher, and he didn’t have the intellectual formation of someone for whom the evidence that nature presents to our faculties serves as the foundation for every aspect … Continue reading

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