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Bablic: Automated Translation App for Webmasters

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Amikumu, Duolingo and other apps that teach or help to practice languages. I’m also a big fan of languages in general, and of apps that translate content, maybe because I … Continue reading

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Amikumu App Review – More than an app for Language Learning

I learned about Amikumu and Duolingo through the Esperanto community. All Esperanto speakers also speak at least one–sometimes two or more–other languages, and many are language-learning enthusiasts. Studies demonstrate that: Esperanto is a gateway to other languages, and makes it … Continue reading

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Happy 2017: The Year of Zamenhof

2017 marks the 100 year anniversary of the death of the creator of the international language, Esperanto, and has been therefore declared by UNESCO to be the Year of Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof. The book Bridge of Words was recently published … Continue reading

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Brexit and the Rise of the International Language Esperanto

As the Roman Empire collapsed and slowly became obsolete, its components became increasingly independent of each other and fractured. In the large scheme of things, the exit of Britain from the European Union is beginning to look like one of … Continue reading

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The “Cédula de Gracias” Angle

9/13 Update to my recent piece on the Puerto Rican pronounciation of the letter R: I did a bit more research on the fricative R used in the islands. According to this (Spanish-language) article by the Cervantes Institute on the So-Called … Continue reading

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The Letter R and Boricua Identity

Last week, the Senate in Puerto Rico–which is dominated by the pro-Commonwealth, anti-statehood faction–passed a Spanish-first law which solves absolutely nothing in the convoluted scheme of things. It does not solve PR’s debt, or corruption, or lack of energy self-sufficiency, … Continue reading

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Esperanto: la Internacia Lingvo

I’ve been for months learning German through the duolingo app on my phone, with far more success than I expected. It’s made me think of my journey with language-learning, and it made me want to share on my blog a part … Continue reading

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