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Happy Twentieth! – “The Uncuttables”

Happy 20th to Epicureans everywhere! Recently, a friend referred us to the BBC documentary Life and Death in Herculaneum–which I recommend to all interested in life in and around the villa of the papyri. Another Earth-like exoplanet was recently discovered, … Continue reading

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Philosophy Is For Everyone!

Today is World Philosophy Day. WPD has been celebrated since 2005, when UNESCO institutionalized it. We read on its webpage: By celebrating World Philosophy Day each year, on the third Thursday of November, UNESCO underlines the enduring value of philosophy … Continue reading

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Horace: Dare to be Wise

If you don’t set your mind on honest aims and pursuits, On waking, you’ll be tortured by envy or lust. Why so quick to remove a speck from your eye, when If it’s your mind, you put off the cure … Continue reading

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Horace: Everyone can Profit from Philosophy

Is your mind fevered with greed and wretched desire: There are words and cries with which to ease the pain, And you can rid yourself of the worst of your sickness. Are you swollen with love of glory: then certain … Continue reading

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Horace: Be Happy Wherever You Are

And whatever the hour heaven has blessed you with Accept it gratefully, don’t put off what’s sweet to some Other year: then wherever you’ve lived, you can say You were happy. It’s wisdom, it’s reason, not some place Overlooking a breadth … Continue reading

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Epicurean Canon Video

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Diogenes’ Wall: “Who will choose to seek what he can never find?”

I wish to share a meme-worthy portion of Diogenes’ Wall today. In Fragments 4 and 5, Diogenes argues in defense of the natural sciences. These Fragments in themselves are of great value, considering the great hostility toward science that the … Continue reading

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