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American Samoa Residents Are Declared US Citizens

A few political changes in the Pacific have taken place recently: the island of Bougainville voted for independence from Papua New Guinea, and the residents of the US territory of American Samoa either were declared to be US citizens, or … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico and the Rickyleaks Affair: Some Thoughts

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson After nearly two weeks of protests, the governor of Puerto Rico has resigned and will be replaced by Justice Secretary … Continue reading

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You Have No Rights

In the above video, George Carlin bursts the “rights” bubble and raises questions about in what way would these rights exist and how would they come about. Rights are an almost sacred concept to most Westerners, but the truth is … Continue reading

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On the Utility of Blasphemy and Shame

Today is the International Blasphemy Rights Day. When I read the Satanic Bible, I remember having a strong reaction when I read the few truly blasphemous verses. I left the Catholic Church of my upbringing in 1991, but the blasphemous hues of … Continue reading

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“You’re not going to change us” …

Timothy Trybus, the 62-year old alcoholic moron who harassed a Hispanic woman in a Chicago park last month for wearing a t-shirt with the Puerto Rico flag, has been charged with committing a hate crime. The entire ordeal was filmed … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Law in Epicurus and Nietzsche

I recently had the pleasure of reading the highly-recommended book by Nietzsche, The Antichrist. Many of its paragraphs merely served to add depth and detail to some of the things I had previously come to understand from reading his notes … Continue reading

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Meghan, the American Duchess

American citizen Meghan Markle, upon marrying a prince, has entered the fairy-tale world of British royalty. She and her family now have their own Coat Of Arms, and a new title has been conferred upon her by the crown: she … Continue reading

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