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Happy Twentieth! Traveling with Epicurus

During the last month, New Epicurean published A Man’s Neighbor and His Dog by Elli Pensa. Aeon published Why the Enlightenment was not the age of reason, an essay that question how reason has been fetishized in the Platonized interpretation … Continue reading

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Travel Blog: the Pleasures of Key West

I just spent three full days in Key West and (like most people who visit) fell in love with the warm, friendly, picturesque town. The pastel colors reminded me of my Caribbean homeland of Borinquen, and much of the architecture … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico Travelog 2017

Wednesday, August 23 My nephew Xavier picked me up from the airport. As our conversation progressed, I noticed he thinks and speaks in Spanglish–indiscriminately mis-matching sentences in both languages–and learned he’s into bitcoin and wants to possibly cloud-mine crypto-currency. He … Continue reading

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