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We Mourn Our Friends by Pleasant Recollection

We show our feeling for [deceased] friends, not by wailing, but by pleasant recollection.- Epicurus I have officially lost a loved one to coronavirus. Ramón was one of my dad’s best friends for over 50 years, since before I was … Continue reading

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In Memory of Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967-April 5, 1994)

Three days after Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, his body was found and the news shook the world. It was my first year of college in Aguadilla (Puerto Rico) and I still remember the day. … Continue reading

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My Experiment Making Cricket Banana Bread

There are at least dozens of reasons why insect-eating (a culinary tradition known formally as entomophagy) is slowly becoming mainstream in the West like sushi did a few decades ago. Many insects are more sustainable, more nutritious, and even more … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! Back to the Basics II

Happy 20th to all students of Epicureanism! This month marks the publication date for How to Live a Good Life, for which I wrote the Epicureanism chapter, and also a book review of the rest of the book. As this … Continue reading

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The Poetic and Literary Value of the Gita

As is the case with other scriptures, the Gita contains beautiful and didactic poetic moments, parables and comparisons. For example, when Sri Krishna shows his Universal Form at end of chapter 11, he assumes the form of Lord Time (Kala, which is an aspect … Continue reading

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Lucretius, on Death

“Mortal, what hast thou of such grave concern That thou indulgest in too sickly plaints? Why this bemoaning and beweeping death? For if thy life aforetime and behind To thee was grateful, and not all thy good… Was heaped as … Continue reading

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My Anthony Bourdain Eulogy

Only wolves and lions eat alone, you should not eat, not even a snack, on your own. – Epicurus For years, millions of viewers shared the pleasures of travel and dining with Anthony and, although he didn’t know them, many of us felt him as … Continue reading

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Three General Points About the Epicurean Canon of Truth

In last week’s discussion of Chapter 8 (Sensations, Anticipations, and Feelings) of Norman DeWitt’s book Epicurus and His Philosophy, the comment was made that there is likely a lot of confusion about what is meant by the “Canon of Truth.” … Continue reading

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May the Fourth Be With You!

There’s no mystical energy field controlling MY destiny! – Han Solo Today is Star Wars Day and I’d like to share a story of friendship from the SW canon. There is more than one hero in this classic. At the … Continue reading

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My Personal Outline of Epicurean Philosophy

The exercise of creating our own outlines of Epicurean philosophy has great didactic value, as it helps us to assimilate what we’ve learned in philosophy. Epicurus himself encouraged this exercise among his disciples in his epistles. Here is my own … Continue reading

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