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TBT: #CirqueDuSoleil’s Alegría

Around the year 1996, I used to go on all-day trips from the University of Puerto Rico campus, where I studied, to walk around the very-walkable, elegant, 500-year-old colonial city of Old San Juan. I’ve always enjoyed the colonial architecture, … Continue reading

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My Visit to the Art Institute of Chicago

On Thursday, at the invitation of my neighbor, I had the pleasure of visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. It opens until late on Thursdays. I had not had dinner and we were hungry, so we did not see the whole collection, … Continue reading

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The Sculpted Word and Athena’s Dignified Demeanor

Until I read the book The Sculpted Word: Epicureanism and Philosophical Recruitment in Ancient Greece, I hadn’t thought much about the statues of the gods of Greece, except in passing while studying the history of the ancient Epicurean Gardens, when … Continue reading

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Modern Atheism is Overtly Nihilistic

Modern atheism is overtly nihilistic … atheistic nihilism struggles between two visions of the world: the Judeo-Christian and something not yet defined … Only time and progress through the century will permit us to discover it. For now we have … Continue reading

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Strike A Pose

I recently watched the documentary Strike a Pose. I expected it to be mere pop-culture frivolity, which I don’t often indulge in, but I thought it would help me reminisce about friends that are no longer here and whom I … Continue reading

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