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Some Epicurean Thoughts on Satanism’s Curious Evolution into a Mainstream Religion

Towards the end of Thus Spake Zarathustra, Nietzsche included a “Worship of the Ass” parable where many of the higher men who had followed the atheistic prophet felt that anything was better than a meaningless life, that ANY god was … Continue reading

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Unchallenged Premises

If the false premises of an influential philosopher are not challenged, generations of his followers–acting as the culture’s subconscious–milk them down to their ultimate consequences. – Ayn Rand The most curious thing happened while I was reading Ayn Rand: I … Continue reading

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The Two Signs

I recently began a new job and, lately, few things can cloud my happiness.  Many positive changes have been happening in my life, even if at times I feel overwhelmed and tired. Every weekday morning on my way to work, … Continue reading

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