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Good Omens: Short Review

Disclaimer: I have not read the book. This is a review of the series adaptation, and is perhaps why I’m not disappointed (as often happens–as in the case of the reviewer from The Humanist) after having read the book first. … Continue reading

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Happy Darwin Day!

Today we celebrate Darwin Day, a holiday that is dedicated to anthropology and meant to encourage appreciation of the natural sciences and the study of nature and of our origins. I decided that I’d like to share some verses from … Continue reading

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The Closing Chapter of Histories

As some of my readers know, I’ve been reading The Good Book: A Humanist Bible for over a year now, and have written a few reviews of its books as well as a general review for Society of Epicurus. I … Continue reading

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Book Review from FullScream.com

A new book review was just published by blogger Tom Church. In it, he covers some of the basic definitions used in our science of happiness. His blog, Screams, blends aesthetics, the arts, history and philosophy and is part of FullScream.com, a … Continue reading

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Friends of Epicurus Interview

The English-Language Transcript of a Spanish-Language Interview with Hiram Crespo and Alexander Diaz, of the Society of Friends of Epicurus has been posted at societyofepicurus.com.

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Darwin and the Planet of the Apes

I recently had the pleasure of listening to the translation of the original, French-language book in the Planet of the Apes series in audio-book format. I’ve always considered PotA folklore to be among the most underrated, most enjoyable in all of … Continue reading

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Book Review by Michael Fontaine, and Some Thoughts on Scientism and the Pharmacracy

The latest review of Tending the Epicurean Garden has been published in The Humanist and will print in the Jan-Feb 2015 issue. The reviewer had previously written works comparing Epicureanism (favorably) with the work of psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. This influenced his response … Continue reading

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E-book Available in English from Humanist Press

Under the tagline Be Smart About Being Happy, the American Humanist Association and its publishing branch Humanist Press sent their press release to announce that Tending the Epicurean Garden is now available via their webpage as an e-book. Humanist Press … Continue reading

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