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Authors and Books at #ahacon16

I had the pleasure of participating yesterday in an author panel at the American Humanist Association‘s 75th annual conference. I have written previously for a publication known as The Humanist, and my book Tending the Epicurean Garden was published via Humanist Press, … Continue reading

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Epicurean Writings by Cassius Amicus

Cassius Amicus, the founder of newepicurean.com, is a prolific writer of educational material on Epicurean philosophy and one of the first people in our century to dedicate himself to the teaching mission of the Epicurean Gardens. It was, in part, thanks … Continue reading

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April 13 is Hitchens – Jefferson Day

In solidarity with fellow blogger Secular Super-Humanist and with other followers of Epicurean intellectuals, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy (upcoming) Hitchens-Jefferson Day! Adrian Fort’s original idea for the secular holiday was for people to give their friends copies … Continue reading

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Blogroll Tag with the Author Collaborative Network

As a participant in ACN’s blogroll, I was tagged by author and blogger Gina Briganti, who asked me the following question: Hiram, will you share three books that inspired or influenced you to write your book on Epicurean philosophy? There are … Continue reading

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