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Christianity Without God

I recently read a book titled as above, only to realize that there is another, more recent book with an identical name written by Daniel Maguire. For the record, the book I got a hold of was the one by … Continue reading

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Dudeism.org’s Jesus Christ entry

Bearded prophet of the meek and early archetype of the 1960s hippie. Jesus was born Jewish, but then converted to Dudeism after he realized that the Romans and the Pharisees were fucking fascists. Today lots of people think he’s the … Continue reading

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Seven Arguments against Paul .. and the Toldoth Jeschu Tradition

Argument 1: Paul’s immoral views on slavery, women and gays In Ephesians 6 Paul told slaves to be loyal to their masters, comparing slave-masters to Christ. In 1 Timothy 6, he again advised submission, praising his own teachings by saying … Continue reading

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