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Epicurean Reasonings on the Lotus Sutra: On the Limits and Benefits of a Greater Vehicle

Buddhism is a rich tradition which comprises many so-called vehicles, which might be thought of as sub-religions or sects. In its earlier form, it focused mostly on monastic practice. The earlier, Theravada school idealized arhats, or solitary meditators who went … Continue reading

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Addressing the Hippie Commune Myth

As he has in the past, Alain de Botton has published educational material that links contemporary communes, and monasteries, with the historical prototype of Epicurus’ Garden in Athens. As a result of this and other controversies, our Epicurean friend from … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Community, Part III: Ceremony

… That is why each community that wants to affirm its autonomy also has to face the creation of a ceremoniousness of its own. In his last will, Epicurus instituted the celebration of the 20th of every month among his … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Community, Part II: Community Vs. Polis

If one wanted to inquire into what is most opposite to friendship, and the most fruitful of aversions, we would see simply that it is politics. – Philodemus Las Indias argues that community exists for its own sake, and not for … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Community, Part I of Book Review

The following review and series of articles are based on The Book of Community: A practical guide to working and living in community, by Los Indianos (authors) and Steve Herrick (translator) For many years, thousands in the Spanish-speakers (and even many English- … Continue reading

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On Natural Community

In Epicurean discourse we often get into discussions of minimalism from the perspective of natural and necessary desires: minimalism not for the sake of frugality and simplicity, but for the sake of having a deep conviction of what is and … Continue reading

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