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My Experience Doing the Master Cleanse and Intermittent Fasting

Since my hours at work were cut, and I have more time in my hands, and I enjoy learning something new every day, I decided to take some time to reinvent my dietary lifestyle and practice a whole foods, plants-based … Continue reading

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My Weight Loss Experiment

This content is sponsored by Flat Belly System. Over the next three months, I will be attempting to lose weight “the Epicurean way”: while not depriving my body of nutrients or of the pleasure of great food. I’m not obese, … Continue reading

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Cassava Bread: Cultural and Culinary Notes

I didn’t delve much into my Taíno heritage in my ancestral storylines piece, but at over 10% Native American, I’m much more credibly aboriginal than Elizabeth Warren! 🙂 The Taínos worshiped deities known as the cemí (somewhat like the kami of … Continue reading

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