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Humanist Values and the Olympics

The Olympics remind us every four years how resilience, discipline, goal-setting, confidence, and other wholesome human values can pay off. It makes sense that these kinds of games were an important part of humanist culture in antiquity in almost every Greek city: … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Ptahhotep’s Maxims, Part II

God’s Punishment II.6. Do not scheme against people, (for) God punishes accordingly … People’s schemes do not prevail. God’s command is what prevails. The belief in divine punishment for evil deeds and rewards for good ones in the afterlife was solid in the religious … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Ptahhotep’s Maxims, Part I

Kindness is man’s memorial. – Maxims of Ptahhotep II.34 Ptahhotep (whose name means “the Peace of the god Ptah”) is the most prominent philosopher and sage that we have record of from Ancient Egypt. He was believed to have lived to … Continue reading

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Will Egypt Degenerate into a Theocracy?

One year ago, our planet lost eminent author Christopher Hitchens whose book God is Not Great had as subtitle “How Religion Poisons Everything“.  Thousands of atheists throughout the world raised their whiskey glass –Hitchens’ favorite– to his memory over the last several … Continue reading

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