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Epicureans Wanted for “My Life as an Epicurean” Program

Phil Pegum, Senior Producer at BBC Religion and Ethics, is putting together a series called “My Life as a …” about how ancient philosophical teachings can be applied to modern life. It’s presented by the comedian (and classics graduate) Andy Zaltzman. … Continue reading

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On the Epicurean Gods

Although many modern Epicureans are atheists, and although Epicurus increasingly is being claimed by the secular movement as a culture hero and predecessor, in reality Epicurus of Samos was not an atheist. His interpretation of the gods occupies a unique place … Continue reading

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Book Review from FullScream.com

A new book review was just published by blogger Tom Church. In it, he covers some of the basic definitions used in our science of happiness. His blog, Screams, blends aesthetics, the arts, history and philosophy and is part of FullScream.com, a … Continue reading

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Message from Cassius Amicus to the 4th Epicurean Symposium in Athens (voiceover is in English)

Cassius is the author of newepicurean.com.  A full report on the symposium is available from Society of Epicurus.

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