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Rasta Reasonings

I’ve written before on the merits of the parody religion of Pastafarianism. It may have escaped my readers that I referred to the Flying Spaghetti Monster as Pastafari. I almost felt tempted to talk about I-and-I, but I’m aware that … Continue reading

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How Religion is Bad for Ataraxia

Among the many, ehem, curiosities that emerged from the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage, I stumbled upon a crazy Christian lady who posted a hysterical yelling and crying video on facebook saying that Obama is a radical Islamist (because everyone knows … Continue reading

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Reasonings on The Good

Seek always the good that abides. – The Good 9:1 Of all the books in The Good Book: A Humanist Bible, The Good is the last one and brings the entire work to a close, interestingly, by making several references … Continue reading

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