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Babel, Africa

The movement for Catalonian independence in northeastern Spain is gaining momentum, and makes me think of the possible alternative histories and future histories concerning the evolution of Romance languages. If Barcelona, rather than the Kingdom of Castilla, had fought and … Continue reading

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The “Cédula de Gracias” Angle

9/13 Update to my recent piece on the Puerto Rican pronounciation of the letter R: I did a bit more research on the fricative R used in the islands. According to this (Spanish-language) article by the Cervantes Institute on the So-Called … Continue reading

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Review of The Painting

Most anime, except for maybe a handful (Kaeena, Princess Menonoke, Spirited Away), generally gets indifference from me. Unlike in the Japanese tradition (where animation is for adults), here in the West animated films tend to attract a younger audience and … Continue reading

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