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Happy Twentieth! – The Havamal, on Isolation

Happy Twentieth to Epicureans everywhere. Over the last month, Philosophy Now published a piece titled The Epicurean option, which gives a glimpse into how Epicurus’ upbringing made him particularly attuned to the spiritual and psychological needs of common folk, and I published … Continue reading

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‘What shall we do then?’

Pyrrhus was preparing to launch an invasion of the Italian peninsula at great cost to both gold and life. Over a philosophical dinner Cineas asked the king, “Once you have beaten the Romans what shall we do?” “Once the Romans … Continue reading

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Reasonings on the Book of Epistles

Epistles could be termed the Book of Good Manners, a book which completes one’s education within The Good Book: A Humanist Bible. It concerns itself mainly with the importance of wholesome association and of a good education in how to … Continue reading

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